Casus Circus is recognised as a leader in contemporary circus on the international stage. Our performances are rich in human connection, integrity, cultural diversity and precise, intelligent choreography. Acrobats fill the stage with momentum and stillness, with strength and fragility, and overwhelm audiences with breathless emotion that often leads to a silent theatre throughout the performance–followed by a standing ovation at the end. 


Inclusion and diversity are at the forefront of all our work, giving light and energy to stories that are often absent from our stages, or heavily stereotyped. Casus is one of the most diverse in Australia, with more than 70 per cent of the company non-Caucasian, and strong representation from the LGBTIQX community. Casus also subverts gender normative stereotypes, with women demonstrating strength and basing complex balances, and men exploring delicate styles and moving with intimacy and finesse.

Originating in Brisbane, the three co-founders (Jesse Scott, Lachlan Macaulay, and Natano Fa’anana) remain company members and close friends. Their home-town values of humanity, friendship and connection flow throughout the company and their performances. It is this that forms the backbone of Casus Circus signature style.


Off stage, Casus Circus actively work to maintain their human connections through community engagement, education, and collaboration alongside their performance works.


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Jesse Scott

Jesse can't remember a home that didn't have a trapeze hanging in the backyard, but can remember plenty of bath times in the sinks of circus caravans as a baby.

Jesse spent 11 years training and touring under the watchful eye of some of the world's greatest circus trainers at The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Australia's premier Youth Circus.He went on to work with companies including Legs on the Wall, A4 Circus Ensemble, CandyStripe Circus and The Australian Opera, before becoming a full time ensemble member with Circa, one of Australia's leading contemporary Circus Companies. Jesse was an integral part in the creation of several successful Circa shows and spent three years touring internationally with Circa, performing at some of the world's most prestigious venues. When he is not performing or training Jesse is involved in teaching and directing, passing on his love of circus to people of all ages.

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Natano Fa'anana

Natano Fa'anana's unique style of performance draws inspiration from his Samoan roots, fused with acrobatics, aerials and dance.

He has achieved international recognition through his work with with the award winning Polytoxic Theatre Company, as Co-creator and Performer in Briefs: All Male Review, and in his current role as Co-founder, Creative Director and Company Member of Casus. Natano was in his thirties when he first pursued a career in performance. His choice to learn from individuals rather than through schools or institutions gave him the freedom to blend different styles of performance, movement and culture. This fluidly of style is evident in all his performance, directing and teaching work.

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Lachlan McAulay

Lachlan Mcaulay lives, breaths, sleeps and dreams circus and performance. At 13, a time when most young people still have no idea what they want to do with their lives, Lachlan joined joined The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Australia's leading youth circus, and immersed himself in every aspect of circus training. His dedication and talent for ground, aerial and ensemble work soon caught the eyes of his trainers. He spent his teenage years combining circus training with touring and performing throughout Australia and the world, an education he describes as “unique, exhilarating and very, very inspirational.”


After graduation he kept pursuing his passion–first as a freelance performer and circus trainer, and then as a valuable member with Circa, one of Australia’s leading contemporary circuses. Lachlan's passion for circus doesn't stop at performing. Off stage he is a highly skilled rigger, a ropes technician and prop maker. 




Yugambeh/Kombumerri Country

Knee Deep, Fia Fia night.



Yuggera Country

Chasing Smoke.



Gadigal Country

Chasing Smoke.



Gadigal Country

Chasing Smoke.

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Yuggera Country

Chasing Smoke.



Yuggera Country

Fia Fia night.



Yirrganydji Country

Chasing Smoke.

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Yuggera Country


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Yuggera Country


Casus Circus is Produced by Cluster Arts

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